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Disneyana Legends Award Luncheon!

I was honored to receive my Disney Legend Award from the Disneyana Fan Club at their July 18 Awards Luncheon in an Anaheim hotel  near Disneyland. 

It was a special luncheon, made even more so by being with my fellow honoree, Disney Legend Floyd Norman (below) who began his Disney career at age 19 and was the first black cartoonist/animator at Disney Studios. .  

The interviews at the Awards Luncheon will be posted soon.  My interview was preceded by my audition "demo reel." take a look at



As you may have read in my memoir, I was not as fond of wearing my EARS as the other Mice, so as an adult I can wear a baseball with Mickey Mouse Club logo and all is swell!







 This award looks like an award  - - instead of a nude, gold man. 

I prefer this one.







Right to left:  My  "Legends interview" with Chair Allan Halcrow; accepting the award; a moment in time with Floyd and DFC's Scarlett Stahl, also a regular columnist for Mice Chat. Scarlett Stahl's photos reprinted  by permission from Mice 

The rumors keep building!!

This one from Scarlett Stahl's recent Mice Chat column: 
"Please note: 2015 will be the 60th Anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Club. The Walt Disney Company has their Disney Legend Award Ceremony during D23. It is rumored that the Mouseketeers will be honored as Legends at the event with their autographs and handprints to be cast in bronze and placed at the Walt Disney Studios Disney Legend Plaza. 

I certainly hope this rumor pans out to be true. . . . donít you?!"  

YES, Scarlett, We Do!!

Click here for the  Q & A session with Lonnie Burr I did with Dan Cunningham for his "I Can Break Away" blog about my updated memoir, The Accidental Mouseketeer!

At the end of this thoughtful, excellently designed interview with Dan, learn how
YOU can join in nominating the remaining eight original Mouseketeers
(Lonnie, Cubby, Tommy, Bobby, Karen, Sharon, Doreen, Darlene)

to be honored as Disney Legends at D23 in  2015 - the 60th anniversary of the original Mickey Mouse Club  





It is now available on Kindle for $4.99 and from me in paper, personally signed to you and shipped (US only) for $23. 

I have written an entire NEW chapter and updated the book to 2014.

Visit the publisher's web page:

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My "reel" - 12 TV/film appearances, about 6+ minutes can be viewed at






my longest live radio interview
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MOUSEKA-James Dean  


At age 13 in my 'cycle jacket,

levis & 'cycle boots
- only allowed at

Hollywood Professional School 

on rain days -
but I was always ready!

No license, no 'cycle
but I WAS READY!!!



To view my tribute to Annette, with

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Remembering Annette 


Thanks to Dave Mason, Saturday's Toys, for sharing this artwork from MY107.


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Two Mouseketeers* enjoying "100 Years of Magic" at WDW.

 *The late Roy Disney, Jr. who may have lost his EARS off of his sailboat.


CHIP and I are sad that DALE is missing. 






and speaking of memoirs and memories. . . 



For your memorabilia searches, check out Dave Mason's SATURDAYS TOYS.  Dave is a great guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Disney. He has several pieces of my personal memorabilia for sale. He also has lots of other swell Disney, Disneyland, WDW and other items -
want a check signed by Lucy? [For the young that is Lucille Ball.] 


Wannabee baseball players

Shea Stadium 1983 . . .

[I am not a mouseka-knucklehead but I am preparing for my knuckle ball.]


         Mouseka-wannabees. . .
and why they weren't cast!

ears too pointy - fake eyebrows

no place for ears - tasteless nouveau riche gems

naughty hips - among other things

orphan annie eyes - and other things-  crossed the wrong way

beard violates disney policy - hands in pockets suspect

chops cherry trees and owns slaves!

never smiles. mass-murderer

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a  a a a a a a



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