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        As the story goes, Walt Disney coined the term    "Mouseketeers" for a Silly Symphony cartoon in 1936 called "Three Blind Mouseketeers." The term remained in use sporadically and was loaned out by Disney to Warner Brothers for a cartoon series. Then it more or less disappeared. It was not until the MMC TV series in 1955 that MOUSEKETEER and MOUSE EARS became a permanent part of pop culture.

       For the last fifty+ years,  the Mouseketeers and The Mickey Mouse Club have been included in nearly everyone's history in one way or another and may be found in such disparate aspects of our world as John Updike's fictional "Rabbit" Angstrom series of novels and the soldiers singing "The Mickey Mouse Club March" at the end of Stanley Kubrick's film "Full Metal Jacket". Tiny Tim, the loony 60s singer who was married on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, not the Dickens' character, unfortunately made a recording of the MMC alma mater but fortunately ELVIS recorded our song, now on CD and Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops opened the Hollywood Bowl in 1994 with an evening of Disney music that included our signature tune that is also now on disc.  

The series has many times been the subject of cartoonists. These are both Mouseketeer and Disney oriented cartoons I have collected over the years and that visitors to the site have contributed.  It's gotten to be quite a collection with over  60 cartoons! All copyrights remain with the artist or newspaper syndicate as indicated.  If you have one I've missed, please scan and email to lonniemmc at aol dot com or make a copy and send it to Lonnie Burr - Mousecartoons, PO Box 2064, Beaverton, OR 97075. I'll try to put it in the next update. 

Note:  A couple years back I was contacted by lawyers for one of my favorite cartoonists, Gary Larson, and The Far Side and I could find no way for Gary's Mouseketeer cartoons to remain. 

 My favorite showed a pirate captain on one side of the ship's deck, his scurvy looking crew on the other, and isolated in the middle a large, young boy wearing Mouseketeer ears.  The caption's dialogue balloon read: "If you ain't a Mutineer, then what the hell are you?"

The second Larson we lost is the python with seven undigested lumps in its loooooonnng belly exiting the window of Snow White's empty cottage as she arrives home reading the newspaper headline: PYTHON ESCAPES  ZOO.


NOW MORE THAN 70 TO ENJOY including  


Special thanks for this one to Mouseketeer Mary Espinosa Goff
















Thanks, Terry!










Published way back in 1971!











Thanks to Jean A. for this SPEEDBUMP panel!



> > > > > > > > > > > > > And just for a trip down memory lane, here's the old "new" cartoon from the TV Prevue magazine of the Chicago Sun-Times on August 16, 1957> > > > > > > > > > > >






































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