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DANNY KAYE and me in costume for "Hans Christian Andersen."   ROY ROGERS on location when I played the title role of  "The Minister's Son" TV - "The Roy Rogers Show".   In costume and makeup for pegleg pirate with ROBIN WILLIAMS, JULIA ROBERTS and DUSTIN HOFFMAN in "Hook".   JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME, LON the bookie & loser  in "Lionheart". ANNETTE and I on the cover of Playmate Magazine.
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YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT MY PLAYWRITING at  As their website explains, "Doollee is an online database of playwrights and theatre plays. As an ongoing project we aim to list every play written or produced in English since 1956, the year John Osborne's seminal play Look Back in Anger was first performed at the Royal Court in London. We add submitted information to the site daily and all contributions we receive help make this the most meaningful and definitive guide to modern playwrights in the world."

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              LONNIE, SPIN & MARTY & COHORTS

      It's likely that everyone in this shot --  not just me -- has less hair now than we did when the photo was taken -- in the 1990s in the yard of Tim Considine's house, where we were celebrating his birthday. From left:  Lonnie, Tim Considine, Steve Stevens (agent), Tommy Kirk, David Stollery.

christmas, 2006
Firenze and Paris

For a few photos and words about our trip to Italy and France in December, 2006 please click here>>>>>>How we spent our Christmas vacation


In January, 2007 a stranger knocked at our abode. 

Joining our family before her fourth month, Asta Astaire is a stunning, tiny kitten.

She is a "tuxedo" cat with long white whiskers. She also has four white paws and a large white splash at her throat, all of which accent her black fur with dark brown highlights seemingly created by a Beverly Hills hair and fur stylist.

She is named Astaire because she cavorts, jetées and dashes back and forth like Fred, who also wore a tuxedo and made his name in black and white films!!!!


Her lap bear is named Thomas Stearns Eliot who is not a poet but is very comfortable.




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                                         HISTORY BYTES                                      

      I began acting, dancing and singing professionally at age 5 and at 12 became Mouseketeer Lonnie. After an M.A. in Theatre at 20, I returned to performing and added writing, directing and choreography to my career pursuits. Some of the stars and other celebrities with whom I have worked include:

Jimmy Stewart
Elvis Presley
Roy Rogers
Eddie Cantor
Bob Hope
Sammy Davis
Robin Williams
Dinah Shore
Danny Kaye
Jean Claude Van Damme
Clayton Moore (Lone Ranger)
Ed Wynn
Carol Channing
Robert Preston
Jack Benny
Scatman Carothers
Shirley MacLaine

Ginger Rogers
Paul Winfield
Charlie Ruggles
Bernadette Peters
Jay Silverheels
Abbott & Costello
Donald O'Connor
Cesar Romero
Dean Martin
Buddy Ebsen
Pat Boone
Jimmy Durante
Charles Coburn
Christian Slater
Billy Crystal
Jerry Lewis
Angela Lansbury


And some of the Directors, Producers, Composers, Choreographers and Conductors
with whom I have worked are:


Steven Spielberg
Gower Champion
Bob Fosse
Walt Disney
Cecil B. de Mille


John Williams
Mark Shaiman
Jerry Herman
Alan Menken
Jack Lee

Leonard Slatkin


Twyla Tharp
Vincent Paterson
Dee Dee Wood
Larry Fuller
Kenny Ortega


And now for something completely different  .  .  .  did you know that I'm a birdwatcher??

Gulling on the Santa Barbara Pier.


Undercover at the Louvre 2006. 


Penguin lineup at the san diego zoo.


Suspicious hummingbird near Arlington, VA. Shhh.


who is watching whom at the uffizi in Florence, Italy? 


There are
for 2007

Mouseketeer Harley sure to look at the Mouseketeer CARTOON Page.  


and an "old" new cartoon just added.  Thanks, Connie.



Note: The artist's signature reads "Hallman '89"


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  • If you haven't already - check out Before & After MMC for a biography, vintage photos  and resume of the very early performing I did (1948-1955) before the MMC, including an Oscar winning film, a few TV "classics" and a commercial that many of the 50+ gang may remember. My latest acting/writing/choreographic and directing credits are here as well. Another memory lane trip is Scrapbook.  

  • You might want to look at Special Offers for the new DOUBLE DVD!  3+ hours including scads of things you've never seen before! Give someone else (or yourself) a mouseka-present. All items personally signed - unless you don't want me to (NOT signing costs extra (:--)) ! ) 

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    SOME LINKS YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN TRYING  - and if there are links you recommend, please let me know: - comprehensive new MMC site!!  Excellent!! - One of the many shows I was on before the MMC was "Space Patrol" and I briefly describe the memory. The site for fans of this golden TV classic.  - In my opinion, THE BEST One Minute Guide to Search Engines I've found. Comprehensive, organized and friendly.



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